How to advertise

List your project, product or website on the main page

Q1: What do you mean by "advertise"?
A: You probably noticed the two "Your Project/Tool" banners on the homepage, you now have the opportunity to advertise for your tool/project/anything there.

Q2: That sounds great, how can I get my project up there?
A: Pretty easy, just visit my patreon page and select the "Sponsor" tier, it's only 5 Euros. Don't forget to send the image and texts you want advertised afterwards.

Q3: How long will my entry stay on the page?
A: As long as you are a patron with the "Sponser" tier!

Q4: I am ready to go to patreon, what's your creator url?
A: It's :)

Q5: Last question, am I allowed to advertise NSFW content?
A: No, that's forbidden.

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